Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year.....

New me! Right? Not so sure.

Can't believe it's been an entire 6 months since I last visited my blog. I guess you can say life happens! Or my like extensive treatment, vacations and the Holidays.

I was very blessed last year to travel so much. Especially when they were mainly FUN trips. Yes one was a business trip but I also mixed a bit of pleasure in with it. 2010 started out right with 2 trips in December the month before to NYC and Jacksonville for a college football bowl game. No trips for me until after busy season (I am a CPA) Cruise in May to Mexico, also in May they broke ground on the pool, September Texas for a week at the beach (ironic when we are known for the whitest sand around the works) with friends, Nobember back to Texas for a seminar but got to see great things and meet new people... One being Jamie Kennedy ;) back home for 2 weeks (if that) and back on another cruise - this time with my sister and we went to the Bahamas and went to a private convert on a private island. Say what? Yep and it was a free cruise!!! Nelly was the featured star at that concert. Back home again to ring in the new year in Atlanta!! Needless to say I was blessed last year. This year my travels may be more limited until treatment starts working better. Which really means when I can stop taking the Nasty stuff.

So stay tuned. It might not be A great ride but you can help me out along the way :)

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