Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 features in 1

Why do I think eventually my life will slow down?  If anyone knows the answers to that question PLEASE let me know ASAP :)

Last Weeks Feature
I am so sorry for missing yet another feature week.  A lot happened in a matter of a week - 2 surgeries and my grandfather passed away within a week.  So here is my feature I meant to post LAST WEEK

Maria Bella Jewelry
Its really hard to say much about Jewelry - There are thousands of different types, pieces, designs, yada yada....
When someone says they have always been interested in creating beauty you sometimes wonder...but with MBJ you do not wonder long.... because it takes only a few seconds to see some of the beautiful pieces created.

This weeks feature....
Another great jewelry maker.....  (I think I'm in the wrong craft)  Anyone that can make great jewelry to wear with any outfit gets an A+ in my book.  After browsing UDMsP, it only took me minutes to find MANY pieces I would love to have... Check them out.

 Also look at these cute FINGERLESS GLOVES :)

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