Monday, January 10, 2011

College Football and other sports

Well tonight marks the end of the 2010 College Football Season - I'm sure before long my husband will have a countdown with a constant reminder of how many months,days,hours etc until the first college game.  I thought I would share a picture of Dani's first college football game which happened to be the FSU v South Carolina Bowl Game in Atlanta. We won!  Go NOLES!  (She was actually being shy in this picture)

Came across a blog that made me stop and think -- really think -- what all we can achieve in a year.  A YEAR seems like such a long time to do things but then once life sets in (and sometimes gets in the way) how many times do we stop doing what we had "planned" on doing and just push our desires to the back burner?  Well there is one guy out there that has set a goal to do 1000 things this year.... yep you read that right - 1000 things in 365 days.  Check out his blog -- if for anything to have something to read -- but really I think it may INSPIRE you!  What can you DO in a YEAR?

So what does it take to become a runner? I'm not really sure -- I grew up as a swimmer.  And as a swimmer you realize you have a lot of time to yourself.  And with all that time comes a lot of thinking.  That is the thing I miss most about swimming - being able to get a good workout and think to myself for a couple hours each day.  No phones to answer (we didn't have texting back then), no work to go to, no parents to answer to -- it was just you and the water.  So that being said - I think that's why a lot of runners enjoy running is because every day for just a little while they are cut off from the world.  And that's what I hope to get back to.  Me time - time to think, make good decisions, and PLAN.  And heck improve my way a life.  I've decided to do the C25K program --a bit modified-- for my knee problems.  I'll get there - I'm quite sure of that....  Will you be there for the journey?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year.....

New me! Right? Not so sure.

Can't believe it's been an entire 6 months since I last visited my blog. I guess you can say life happens! Or my like extensive treatment, vacations and the Holidays.

I was very blessed last year to travel so much. Especially when they were mainly FUN trips. Yes one was a business trip but I also mixed a bit of pleasure in with it. 2010 started out right with 2 trips in December the month before to NYC and Jacksonville for a college football bowl game. No trips for me until after busy season (I am a CPA) Cruise in May to Mexico, also in May they broke ground on the pool, September Texas for a week at the beach (ironic when we are known for the whitest sand around the works) with friends, Nobember back to Texas for a seminar but got to see great things and meet new people... One being Jamie Kennedy ;) back home for 2 weeks (if that) and back on another cruise - this time with my sister and we went to the Bahamas and went to a private convert on a private island. Say what? Yep and it was a free cruise!!! Nelly was the featured star at that concert. Back home again to ring in the new year in Atlanta!! Needless to say I was blessed last year. This year my travels may be more limited until treatment starts working better. Which really means when I can stop taking the Nasty stuff.

So stay tuned. It might not be A great ride but you can help me out along the way :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 features in 1

Why do I think eventually my life will slow down?  If anyone knows the answers to that question PLEASE let me know ASAP :)

Last Weeks Feature
I am so sorry for missing yet another feature week.  A lot happened in a matter of a week - 2 surgeries and my grandfather passed away within a week.  So here is my feature I meant to post LAST WEEK

Maria Bella Jewelry
Its really hard to say much about Jewelry - There are thousands of different types, pieces, designs, yada yada....
When someone says they have always been interested in creating beauty you sometimes wonder...but with MBJ you do not wonder long.... because it takes only a few seconds to see some of the beautiful pieces created.

This weeks feature....
Another great jewelry maker.....  (I think I'm in the wrong craft)  Anyone that can make great jewelry to wear with any outfit gets an A+ in my book.  After browsing UDMsP, it only took me minutes to find MANY pieces I would love to have... Check them out.

 Also look at these cute FINGERLESS GLOVES :)