Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Besteam feature...

This week I am honored to feature... Just the Goods  At first I had no clue what this little shop could be about - but after spending a few minutes reading their blog and going to their website - I learned A LOT!  What great information and great tips... not only for your beauty and health but things we can use in our everyday lives.

I love how Just the Goods take normal everyday items and transfixes them into something healthy for us and our earth.  Everything is considered from the idea of a product to shipping the product.  And to use reusable items and for a buyer to be able to get a $1 credit towards their next purchase - why would anyone pass that up?  Okay so you might be tired of my excitement of the recycled on to the GOODS ;)

I think my favorite choice is the gift baskets:
"All of our gift baskets are made to order and are customizable according to your interests, needs, and budget."   Why not mix and match items?  And who said you couldn't buy a gift for yourself ;)

BUT living in Florida and wearing flip flops year round -will cause you to have dry wouldn't it be nice to use their foot butter every day???   
Another long day? Soothe your tired legs and feet with the refreshing tingle of peppermint and the warmth of ginger.
Generously apply this rich butter and feel it melt into a luxurious oil that penetrates your skin thanks to the perfect blend of cocoa and shea butter with grapeseed oil to tone and sweet almond oil to soften.
Put on a cozy pair of socks so this product can work its wonders overnight, but don't forget to wash your hands before you sleep because these invigorating oils might keep you awake ;-)

So take a few minutes and stop by --- treat yourself (so what if Mother's day is over with) --- 

Happy Browsing!


  1. Ooh, thanks for sharing Just the Goods with us!

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely feature!!! I'm excited you like JTG's Giftbaskets... the possibilities are endless ;-)

  3. What a great store. I love the choices, and gift baskets are always perfect!
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