Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've been really busy....

I've been so busy this year after April 15th - its crazy!!!!  Usually this is my time to take a break and regroup but not so much this year....

Besteam feature.

Empress Jade

Empress Jade has Cute, fun and affordable vintage women's party and day dresses, accessories and tons of fabulous vintage lingerie! Bombshell 50s, Mad Men 60s, Rich Hippie & Disco 70s, 80s New Wave. Classic to indie fashion.  (shop announcement on Etsy)

I have to agree with everything in the announcement.  What a great period to live in (50s-80s) -- Its fun stuff to wear - so why not try it!  She has over 200 items for sale so I'm sure there is something for everyone!

There is one dress that I love (too bad I'm not considered small) ---  As a girl growing up I would watch "Showboat" a movie about a lady that sang on a boat.  There were many scenes with her wearing love gowns with sheer arms..... this dress totally reminds me of that movie (thanks for the smile - and reminder of something I haven't thought about in over 20 years)

The next item I found that I really liked was a nightgown!!!  How come I don't even wear anything out during the day that is this nice?  Some of the items found on Empress Jade's Etsy store just makes me smile.  It brings back a lot of great memories growing up with a grandmother that wore things like this.  Women 20+ years ago cared more about their appearances... some may think this is a bad thing but after looking at all the lovely things in EJ- Etsy store -- I'm thinking I would love to bring these items in my house so my daughter will have something to smile about in 20 years.


  1. Browsing through Empress Jade's shop is like going to a fashion show!

  2. Thanks for the lovely feature! I love you blog. XOXO Empress