Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creative Sprinkle...

Meet Marie Young @ Creative Sprinkle

Marie is the proud artist of the collection below

I really can't say much about what she does because I do not quite understand how she makes such creative items. I CAN say she has some of the prettiest and most unique wedding toppers I have ever seen. Many brides today (and of past) wants that unique item for their wedding... well if you want something more traditional than I would say look elsewhere ---- BUT if you want a unique, ONE OF A KIND, individual item for one of the most spectacular days of your life... then you NEED to check out her blog and her store. That's all I'm saying. ;) And why not birthday parties and anniversary parties - why do cake toppers only need to go on WEDDING cakes.... They don't -- so go take a look and send her a message - she does do custom orders :)

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