Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now I remember why...

I don't have 18 kids... I can't go without sleep. Last night was one of those nights. After Dani decided she wanted to play instead of sleep, Declan wanted to whine instead of sleep, and Hurley decided to bark instead of sleep... I decided I wanted to sleep.

All is well though I have super kids - they woke up with a lot of spunk.

(Should this be the time to tell you I am not an English Major - so don't be mad at me for bad grammar) :)

I finished 3 sets of bloomers last night... I think they turned out super cute (I'll post pics later). Its so fun to see something from start to finish (other than a blank tax return to one with completed figures) ;)

How many more months till I become a WAHM again??? Hurry up April 15th!!

I just realized this will be the first summer/fall in 2 years I haven't been pregnant. Woohoo!

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